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Bible College

trimester 01.


Foundations of Faith
• The Authority of the Bible & the Doctrine of the Trinity
• The Deity and Mission of Jesus
• Salvation, Heaven & Hell, and Christ’s Return
• The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit
• Divine Healing
• Church Ordinances

Supernatural Living
• The Holy Spirit
• The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
• The Vocal Gifts
• The Revelation Gifts
• The Power Gifts
• The Gifts of Healing
• Healing and the Great Commission
• The Healing Power of God
• Speaking Words of Healing
• Impartation Through Laying on of Hands

New Testament Survey
• Introduction to the New Testament
• Matthew, Mark, Luke: Three Portraits of Jesus Christ
• John: A Fourth Portrait of Jesus Christ
• Acts: The Expansion of the Gospel
• Romans: The Gospel of Grace
• 1 – 2 Corinthians and Galatians: Living the Gospel of Grace
• Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon: Letters from Prison
• 1 – 2 Thessalonians: The Lord’s Return; 1 – 2 Timothy; and Titus: Leadership
• Hebrews – Jude: General Letters to Believers
• Revelation: The Consummation of All Things

Praise and Worship
• Priority, Purpose, and Portrayal of Worship
• The Role of Music in the Kingdom of God
• The Significance of the New Song
• Our Responsibility as Worshippers
• How to Become a Worshipper

Fear of the Lord
• Fear of the Lord

trimester 03.


Church-Based Training
• Model for Ministry Training
• The Goal and Objective of Educational Ministry
• Planning Your Institute

Cell Groups
• Purposes of Cell Groups
• Evangelizing the Lost
• Raising Up Leaders
• Great Leaders in the Church

Power Evangelism
• Fire Brand Evangelists
• The Power of the Holy Spirit
• Integrity
• The Great Commission
• Fire of the Holy Spirit
Leader’s Integrity
• Integrity of Heart
• A Forgiving Spirit
Leadership Vision
• Embracing the Vision
• Qualities of a Visionary
• Focusing Your Vision
• God’s Vision and Your Vision
• Funding the Vision

Church Planting
• An Overview of Church Planting
• The Local Church as a Ministry Training Center
• Vocational Ministers in the Local Church
• Identifying Church-Planting Teams
• Preparing and Sending the Church-Planting Team

Being Led By the Spirit
• Spirit Directed & Spirit Power
• How God Leads Us Through Our Spirits
• Direction in Difficult Times
• Priorities of Life
• Pitfalls and Dangers When Seeking for Guidance

Promise Keeper
• Promise Keeper

Altar Call
• How to Give an Altar Call

trimester 05.


Christ Connection
• Jesus Our Model
• Jesus Our Inspiration
• Our Response
• Action
• Our Credibility
• Our Legality
• Experience

Living to Give
• The Maximum Lifestyle
• How to Initiate a Lifestyle of Giving
• Exchanging Earthly Possessions
• Living and Giving Beyond the Possible
• Can God? God Can!

Biblical Eldership
• What is a Biblical Elder?
• The Function of Elders
• Qualifications for Elders
• The Fivefold Ministry (Part 1)
• The Fivefold Ministry (Part 2)

Reaching A New Generation 
• What The Bible Says About Children’s Ministry
• The Laws of Hospitality
• The Last Days Harvest
• Preaching to Children
• Pastor-Driven Youth Ministry
• How to Hold a Child’s Attention
• How to be an Excellent Storyteller

Managing For Tomorrow
• Using Puppets in Children’s Ministry
• How to be a Problem Solver
•  Organizing Children’s Ministry for Growth
• How to Get Others to Help You

Ministering To Youth
• Setting the Vision for Youth Ministry
• Leading Leaders to Peak Performance
• Effectively Communicating to Young People
• Planning an Effective Youth Ministry

trimester 02.


Power of Prayer
• Its Threefold Potentially
• What Prayer Is
• The Practice of Prayer (Part 1)
• The Practice of Prayer (Part 2)
• The Purpose of Prayer

Ministry of Helps
• The Journey of a Servant
• God Uses Both Stars and Candles
• Fear Not Leadership, Organization, and Structure (Part 1)
• Fear Not Leadership, Organization, and Structure (Part 2)
• Becoming a Servant of Fire

Old Testament Survey
• Approaching the Old Testament
• The Order of Books and Creation
• The Image of God and the Fall
• Babel and Abraham: the Concepts of Covenant
• Abraham, Israel, Joseph, and Moses
• The Tabernacle Worship
• Joshua, Judges, and Ruth
• The Kings, David, Psalms, and Hebrew Poetry
• Wisdom Literature, Division, and Exile
• Babylonian Captivity, Return from Exile, and the Prophets

Essence of the Gospel
• The Divine Exchange (Part 1)
• The Divine Exchange (Part 2)
• The Triumph of Praise
• What Activates Angels
• How to Make Your Faith Work

Jesus, Our Healer Today
• God’s Will and Healing
• Healing in the Atonement
• Moses, the Serpent, and Healing
• The Mercy of Healing

Living By Faith
• Living By Faith (Part 1)
• Living By Faith (Part 2)

trimester 04.


Wilderness Mentalities
• Mindsets, Vision, and Responsibility
• Responsibility and Trials
• Grumbling and Impatience
• Impatience and the Victim Mentality
• Pitfalls of Visionaries
• The Victim Mentality and Self-pity
• Self-Worth
• Comparison, Stubbornness and Rebellion

Developing Leaders
• The Heart of a Leader
• Your Heart Determines the Course of Your Life
• Your Heart Determines Your Success in Life
• Leaders or Followers
• Pitfalls of Visionaries
Cell Group Leaders
• Effectiveness

• Introduction
• Origins and Destiny
• Fear: The Strategy of the Enemy
• Living a Reconciled Life

Personal Evangelism
• Hell’s Best Kept Secret
• Atheism
• Militant Evangelism
• True and False Conversion
•  How to Get on Fire for God

Spiritual Warfare
• The Biblical Foundation
• Understanding Spiritual Warfare
• Warfare Prayer and the Gates of Hell
• Crashing the Gates of Hell
• Exercising Authority in Society

Authority & Forgiveness
• The Bait of Satan
• Under Cover

Spiritual Breakthrough 
• Bible Memorization (Part 1)
• Bible Memorization (Part 2)
• Breaking Generational Curses


The His Way Community Church Associates Ministry Program

Our program is five Trimesters of study and is foundational to all ongoing programs. It is a good fit for any person looking to go deeper with God and be better prepared and able to serve in their church. If you are passionate about ministry studies this curriculum will be a cornerstone to your spiritual growth.
The ministry associate degree program offers a strong doctrinal foundation to grow in faith and maturity. Earning an associate degree allows you to explore biblical coursework to prepare you for the work in ministry. This program is perfect if you have never attended a college, university, or Bible school.


We will announce our next course as soon as we have an approximate start date. 


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